Our aim is to serve, preserve, strengthen and document precious and vanishing forms of art and culture in West Bengal. We do this through and with children, in villages and urban slum areas. We want to empower children in villages and slum areas within a space of joyful expression.

We want to strengthen the deep bond between children and nature, and to make children conscious of the beauty and vulnerability of Mother Earth.

We all live in dark times of climate change and rising waters, especially near the Bay of Bengal.

Earth Care with Art wants to remember and honour the wisdom of adibasi people, baul, fakir and pat chitrokar, as well as the crafts of weavers and potters. These traditional ways of life and expression are quickly getting lost in a consumerist society.

In our documentary efforts, still photography and video are our selected tools. We in Earth Care with Art are closely interwoven and open-minded people who share the above-mentioned aims in practical and spiritual ways.

The children are painting:

Child Paintings: