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EWA-Norway works with modest means. We have to collect funds to pay our teachers and co-workers in India and Bangladesh decently. People need to eat, to travel, to use phones, to buy new phones (rarely though it is), some young people sometimes need some extra support. New instruments are needed, repairing old ones must be done. Paper to paint on is needed. Some things break and must be repaired. Living cost are sky-rocketing due to covid-19.

The Board of EWA-Norway works with no cost.

EWA-Norway is, essentially, a membership-based organization. You are invited to take part, financially and, maybe, in other ways too.. Become a member. It is easy. Just…

We need supporting member to continue our work. Become a member by donating NOK 100 or more a month! Members are invited to the yearly meeting and other events. Send us an email at kontakt@ewa-norge.no to become a member

Or become a supporting member via PayPal:

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We also value one time donations:

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For international bank transfer use IBAN: NO7012546297037